Competitions and Awards

Meridian Summer Competitions

During the Summer Meridian holds several club competitions. The dates are published on the annual events calendar and a brief description of each is shown below. A full description and table detailing the previous holders of the trophies is available on the Annual Awards page in the members area.

The American Trophy

The American Trophy round is shot on the Sunday closest to July 4th, American Independence Day.

This handicap adjusted round is a standalone round and is not part of the Glass Arrow series of rounds. It is therefore open to all members with a valid handicap on the day of the shoot. American rounds shot at other venues or on a different date do not qualify for this Trophy.

Glass Arrow Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the archer with the highest aggregate handicap adjusted score from five out of seven designated monthly rounds shot on specific dates throughout the summer at Meridian Field.

The competition is open to any member shooting in their second or subsequent outdoor season and who has a valid handicap at the start of the season. The rounds and dates for each season are notified by email by the Records Officer and are published on the shooting calendar.

Composite Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the archer with the highest aggregate handicap adjusted score for each of six designated rounds.

The rounds may be shot at Meridian Field on any club day and in any order throughout the season. There is no limit on the number of times each round may be shot, however only the highest handicap adjusted score for each will be used in the final calculation.

National Trophy

The trophy is awarded to the archer with the highest aggregate handicap adjusted score from the best 8 National rounds shot on any day at Meridian Field throughout the outdoor season.

There is no limit to the number of rounds that may be submitted by each archer but only the best 8 will count.

External Tournaments

Many of our members compete in external tournaments and County shoots, with varying degrees of success! Details of many 'local' tournaments are sent out to members. The main attractions for most of us are to have fun and to meet up with archers from other clubs. We have a strong sense of team spirit and wearing club colours gives us an identity.

The main tournaments we enter are:

 Arundown Worcester and Portsmouth Rounds
 SCAS and SCAA Indoor Championships
 Newhaven Westerns
 Ditchling Windsors
 Sussex Outdoor County Championships

Some of Meridian's more adventurous archers travel further afield to compete in Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and beyond. If you are interested in competing in external tournaments please look on the Contact Us page for the name and email address of the Tournaments Secretary.

For a list of external tournaments, this link to the Brighton Bowmen Tournament Diary is suggested. Please note: Meridian have no control over this site.