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Coaching for Meridian Members

At Meridian we are fortunate to have five coaches who instruct on the beginners courses and ensure that new members are integrated into the club. Help is always at hand and there are many experienced archers who will also act as mentors if you wish.

After The Beginners Course

After completing the beginner's course the onus is on the archer to ask for help. Coaching etiquette requires the archer to approach the coach. This is mainly good manners - many people feel they are doing just fine and may be offended by an assertion they appear in need of help! It's also a courtesy to other coaches who may already be working with an archer on a regular basis. So, when considering the options below, remember that you, the archer, will need to take the initiative. There are several opportunities for coaching - not all will suit every archer and your needs may change over time.

Coaching Days and Workshops

We run coaching days and workshops for Meridian members. These take place during the summer season on nominated Saturdays or Sundays, usually between 10:30am and 3:30pm (details of these are usually emailed out to members). They are run by Meridian coaches, with occasional visits by Senior Coaches. The aim of these is to provide you with a one off session which helps you work on a particular area of your shooting or to get advice on equipment setup or selection. You have the option to attend as many of these as you wish. There may be a charge to attend some workshops.

Ad hoc Advice from Club Coaches

Don't feel that the coaching days and workshops are the only time when you can get help. If you are at the field and coaches are around they will often be able to take questions or even take a quick look at you. HOWEVER, please remember they are archers just like you and if they are shooting (particularly if they are shooting a round) you should respect their own shooting time and not disturb them.

Personal Coaches

Ad hoc advice and coaching days will for many people be sufficient to meet their needs. If on the other hand you feel you want to develop your archery in a more serious, perhaps more organised way, you might want to think about identifying and working with a personal coach.

A personal coach does not have to be a coach from your own club you are perfectly at liberty to get help from coaches elsewhere. Sussex coaches belong to The Martlets Guild. If you want to find out about Sussex coaches and coaching workshops, click on the logo below to visit The Martlets Guild website.