Classification Schemes

Outdoor Classifications

Our members are actively encouraged to shoot for outdoor classifications and we recognise these achievements by awarding Third class, Second class, First class and Bowman badges. These badges are free to senior and junior members but for one bow style only.

To achieve an outdoor classification an archer has to shoot three qualifying rounds in a calendar year.

These scores are also used to calculate your handicap. Therefore it is important that all of your scores are recorded on a club score sheet and submitted to the Records Officer by placing it in the file in the club house. This is especially important if you intend shooting at tournaments.

ArcheryGB publish tables that you can use to check the classification and handicap of any single round shot. These tables are contained within the Rules of Shooting and Shooting Administrative Procedures which may be purchased from Clickers Archery. Be aware that if you use information from other archery clubs it may be out of date.

The qualifying (minimum starting) distances for the classifications are shown below but if you need advice on which rounds qualify please ask the Records Officer or any experienced archer.

ClassificationImperial DistanceMetric Distance
Senior Gents
3rd class50 yards50 metres
2nd class60 yards60 metres
1st class80 yards70 metres
Bowman and above100 yards90 metres
Senior Ladies
3rd class40 yards40 metres
2nd class50 yards50 metres
1st class60 yards60 metres
Bowman and above80 yards70 metres

Indoor Classifications

Our members are also encouraged to shoot for an indoor classification. To gain the indoor classifications - which are independent from outdoor classifications - the archer must shoot three qualifying rounds during an indoor season. These scores are also used to calculate an indoor handicap.

There are badges for the Indoor Classifications. These badges may be bought from the club at a cost of £2 each.

Meridian Archery Club is going to extend the official indoor classifications of Recurve and Compound to include Barebow and Longbow for Portsmouth scores as set out in the table below. For this purpose the Longbow classification will be extended to include other traditional bows without a shelf.

There are no separate classifications for juniors shooting indoors.


Please ensure that all completed score sheets are placed in the Indoor Score Sheets zip wallet.

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