Beginners Courses

The dates for our next course have not yet been decided.

For more information on our courses, or to register your interest in the next course, please email the Beginners Course Secretary

Course Information

The governing body of archery, ArcheryGB, stipulates that anyone taking up the sport of archery must complete a "Beginners course" before being allowed to join a club. This course is aimed at teaching the basic skills of archery with particular emphasis on safety.

Meridian run two courses each year, usually over a weekend, in the Spring and Autumn. We do however try to be flexible and it may be possible to attend a series of shorter weekly sessions by arrangement. In total 12 hours of instruction are recommended. The courses are run by coaches and all equipment is provided.

Typical Timetable for a Beginners Course

Time Session content
10:00 Registration/Welcome/Equipment
11:00 Break for coffee
11:30 Shooting
1:00 Lunch
1:45 Shooting
2:45 Types of bows and shooting etiquette
3:00 Shooting
3:30 Equipment disassembly and range takedown
10:00 Equipment assembly
10:30 Shooting
11:30 Break for coffee
11:30 Shooting
11:45 Rounds and handicaps
12:15 Meet the club members
12:45 Lunch
1:30 Organisations in archery
1:45 "Meridian Beginners Challenge"
3:15 Equipment takedown and final questions
3:30 Debrief - Parents of juniors to attend please
4:00 End of course

At the end of the course you will be presented with a certificate of completion which will be accepted at most archery clubs when you apply for membership.

If you decide to join Meridian you are welcome to continue using the equipment you have used during the course until you are ready to purchase your own. You will then be offered advice on the selection of your personal equipment.