Portsmouth Round badges

These badges are earned shooting a Portsmouth round which is probably the most popular indoor round shot, and are free to all senior and junior club members for one bow style only.

The badges are available in 25 point increments and the club will award the first adult badge at 500 points scored. The first junior badge will be awarded at 350 points, then at 50 point increments until 500 is scored. After 500 is scored the badges will be awarded at 25 point increments.

The Records Officer will automatically award each badge when you have earned it - all you need do is submit your score sheets.

Please note that only the first round shot on a particular day can be counted.

These scores are also used to calculate your indoor handicap. Therefore it is important that all of your scores are recorded on a club score sheet and submitted to the Records Officer by placing it in the folder in the indoor range. This is especially important if you intend shooting at tournaments.

252 Badge Scheme

The 252 Badge Scheme is a fun way of building your confidence and accuracy before shooting longer distances. Three dozen arrows are shot, so newer archers can attempt these before shooting longer rounds. Also, the longer distances will be a challenge for more experienced archers. These scores will not count towards your handicap or classification. The 252 score sheet and badge claim form are available on the Club Proformas page in the members area.

How it works:

 Choose your imperial distance and shoot 6 sighter arrows on a 122cm face.
 Then shoot 3 dozen scoring arrows.
 You score the round using imperial scoring (9 for a gold, 7 for a red etc.).
 The aim of the round is to get a score of 252 or better, an average of 7 for each arrow.
 There are adjusted target scores for compound, longbow and barebow archers.
 The rounds and badges start at 20 yards, progressing up to 100 yards.
 To claim a badge, fill in a claim form, attach 2 qualifying scores to the claim form and enclose £2 for the badge.
 Put the claim form in the 252 ROUNDS folder in the filing cabinet in the club house.
 The score sheet must be completed, checked and scored by a second person in order to be eligible.
AwardScore Required