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21st/22nd April 2018

Cost is 90 for adults and 70 for juniors.

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Where and When We Shoot

Our indoor and outdoor venues are at Meridian Field, Turners Hill Road near Worth. The site entrance is directly opposite World of Water and then follow the cinder track around the first field. Click here for a map and further details.

The Indoor Season

Our new Indoor range was opened for the first shoot on 25th October 2015. Please click here for photos of the range and the opening ceremony.

The Indoor season runs from September to April but the range may also be used during the summer months during inclement weather or if you want to work on technique or equipment changes/tuning at short range.

The range can be hired out to other clubs and community groups. For further details email the Chairman on Chairman@. Email address should be completed with "".

The Outdoor Season

The outdoor season starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st each year, with no limits, other than the weather, on when we shoot.

On a Sunday we have assembly at 09:45 and commence shooting at 10:00. On other days we tend to start a little later. The Winter 2017 is available to view/print.

Outdoor Target Covers

The different coloured clips.
Covered foam boss.

There are currently three different target covers being tested - each with a slightly different simple clip system.

The pictures show a cover on a foam boss.

Simply look for red shock cord and a clip - this goes at the bottom centre and then the cover just pulls over the top with the elastic already in place. Then just clip black to black at the top front and yellow to yellow and blue to blue behind and finally red to red up the middle.

Less than 60 seconds and the job is done

Please do not untie any of the elastic or the clips.